The first Supermarket Baked products assessed today

Today was the first day of Assessments for our main Supermarkets in Scotland . This year we have introduced a new Category for our Awards at Mar Hall in September - "Scotland's Best Supermarket Baked product". Because our Assessments are carried out incognito and we are not paid to visit them ,we are sampling what you the customer would be purchasing. Todays Supermarket on trial was "Waitrose " . Our findings will be released via our London Based PR company nearer the Awards Ceremony with 3 out 7 Supermarkets in our finals. Today we tried 1. BREAD- PETT MANGE BLANC. 2. DOUBLE CHOC CHIP COOKIE. 3. ICED FINGER BUN. 4.BLUEBERRY MUFFIN. 5. SULTANA SCONE.  Our findings we believe to be the most credible in this industry as no money changes hands in any of the process.

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