Michelle Orme – Vegan Judge

Michelle Orme is a multi award-winning, self-taught vegan baker who established her successful
Leicestershire-based business The Vegan Cakery in 2012.
Since that time, the hugely popular ‘Cakery has gone from strength-to-strength with Michelle
winning seven national awards to date and having won the Vegfest UK ‘Best Vegan Cakes’ accolade
for each of the past four years.
With a lifelong passion for baking, stemming from very happy days in her childhood baking with her
grandma who she cites as her inspiration, after Michelle became vegan over 15 years ago – she was
vegetarian from her early teens – she decided to take the plunge and start her home-based business.
Having learnt so much about the chemistry of baking since she was small, with her grandma always
encouraging as much experimentation as possible, it is that knowledge which has been transferred to
Michelle’s vegan baking where she creates all her own recipes.
Over the past seven years, TVC has established a fantastic customer base across the UK by way of
postal orders through the www.vegancakery.com website, and also from appearances at vegan fairs
and festivals nationwide.
Very proudly, the ‘Cakery has continued to help lead the massive and ever quickening growth of
veganism and as part of that Michelle has made a number of media appearances.
As a committed ethical vegan, animal welfare at the heart of everything shes does and one of the
biggest facets of The Vegan Cakery is the charity work at the core of the business since it began over
seven years ago. Over the years, Michelle has donated thousands to animal charities and sanctuaries
in the UK and abroad.
In 2017, she expanded The Vegan Cakery’s offering when establishing The Vegan Cakery Afternoon
Tea experience. Visiting venues across the country, the served three-course ‘high-end’ 100% percent
vegan Afternoon Tea is regularly a sell-out, from London to Lancaster, Norwich to Warwick.
Michelle is extremely proud to be joining the judging team for the Scottish Baking Awards in 2020,
the first instalment of the awards to feature a dedicated vegan category!