Outright winner 2013

Curiositeaz Outright winner 2013

Danny CliffordDanny and Elaine clifford from Curiositeaz in Perth were 2013s Outright winner Award.

When we originally Awarded Curiositeaz in Perth it was well known for its Ghostly apparitions in a Quaint little back street tearoom.

Since winning our SHBA Danny and Elaines fortunes changed overnight. Gillies of Broughty Ferry heard about the Award the SHBA gave Curiositeaz and approached them about the possibility of opening up Curiositeaz style Cafes in all of their Stores !!! .

Danny and Elaine have now also opened another Curiositeaz premises which is a licensed Restaurant in Newport. --- Who said" The Scottish Home Baking Awards don't change lives.

Baking with Melanie Andrews

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