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The Gannet

The Gannet Restaurant is located in Finnieston , Glasgow . This area of Glasgow is chock a block with eateries and you are spoilt for choice if dining out, living, or working around here . It's almost become the dining destination of the West and quite rightly so .

The Gannet looks very trendy and inviting from the outside , but this wasn't always the way it looked pre 2012 . This was an old tenement building badly needing some TLC until the two peters and Ivan took over the reigns and transformed it onto one of Glasgow's thriving “Best places to eat List “

A very warm welcome awaits you at this Urban style Restaurant ,with dull ,moody lighting and stone walls .

I was curious about the name – The Gannet ,and never found out the reason behind the name if any but its on my to do list .

I was sat at a table overlooking the barman expertly shaking every cocktail and pouring every real ale known to man before our very informative waiter overheard my cries for help . ( Forgot my reading glasses ) He promptly produced a large wicker basket full of reading glasses for me to choose from , now that's service !

I loved how the menu simply stated exactly what they were offering without any pretentious additions of the English language ,that many may be unsure of .

I also loved the fact that absolutely all the beers offered were Scottish real ales in Bottle form (No draught lager/beer here . The Scottish Artisan Beers and lagers are absolutely brilliant and not shouted about as they should be – Truly loved the waiters knowledge and enthusiasm for these beers too.

I started with Scottish seared Scallops with housemade Haggis and celeriac puree . The scallops tasted like they had just been hauled out the sea and the haggis was exceptionally light and not too strong flavoured ( As can be with homemade haggis) – Wonderful !

My main was described as slow cooked Border lamb and the shoulder which was perfectly crispy , had a beautiful succulent flavour . It was served with a wild garlic cannelloni,fennel puree and a cockle salsify.The Chefs here certainly know how to make a plate look attractive and as I always say – You eat with the eye !

The main attraction for me, and what I was actually here to review was the desert course .

I chose the milk chocolate feuilletine with orange and whisky ice-cream .Not exactly what I was expecting in a feuilletine but it was quite simply one of the best desserts I have had so far in this process . The textures , flavours and crunchy nuts and pralines built into a dense chocolate brick were absolutely right up my street . The whisky and orange ice-cream did not have a strong flavour of either whisky or orange but in fact went very well with the feuilletine .I have ranked it top score in my journey so far. It was a well executed dessert which I would go back tomorrow for in a heartbeat .

Great Chefs , Service , surroundings , atmosphere and price – What's not to like ?


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