Birsay Bay Tearoom

Birsay bay tearoom Orkney
Nominated today online by a local lass. This tearoom re-opens 30th March 2013 and an assessor will be able to visit then.

awardBirsay Bay Tearoom,

Today was a glorious boat journey to the magical island of Orkney . Our assessor reports the most beautiful views are to be had on the drive from the boat at the south of the Island to the North where nestled in a stunning bay lies the Birsay Bay Tearoom. This Tearoom is just about to receive new owners and we met the outgoing who hopefully pass on the great Cake recipes. The Dark Chocolate and Orange Cake i am told is worth going back to the island alone for !! When you get a stunning view on a magical island on a perfect Scottish day with glorious sunshine and great cake - what more in life could you wish for ?? Your Award is on its way Birsay bay and well done - Note to new owners -Keep the Baker !!!