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Scottish-baking-LogoEmma Louise's Cafe is just outside the main drag in Lerwick and is a cracking little shop if you love the best Cupcakes in Shetland . I have to say in all honesty i am not a fan of the faddy Cupcake craze but this Cafe can seriously make great ones. Chocolate in a cake is notoriously difficult to get right without being dry and these were the best i had tasted in a long while. The best Chocolate Ganache for toppings and i was in heaven. The homemade Meringues were stunning and the Orange Cake was my favourite . Cupcakes are not this little Cafes only talent so i suggest you all pop in and try out these great cakes. Emma Louise was busy making over 200 canapes for a party this weekend so outside catering is also her bag. I also noticed the lovely little touch that you dont see everywhere which is the "Suspended Coffee" idea. This means for every Coffee you purchase -you purchase another without drinking it but the money for that coffee goes in a jar for those that cant afford one. I think this is a lovely idea and should be in more eating places. Anyway sadly i must leave the Beautiful Shetland Isles until another day but i will be back for Emma louises lovely Chocolate Cupcakes. Well done !

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