Loopy Lornas Tea House

The first of Loopy Lornas Tea Houses is situated in Morningside road and the recently opened second premises is at Churchhill Theatre both on Morningside Road..Our assessor today was our senior assessor and she visited the original Loopys at lunch time. A quite extraordinary Tea House with a well branded and well executed theme.Everything in pink and black with tea cosys on the teapots and hand painted wallpaper .Just how you would like a cake shop to look. Candles were lit on all the tables and beautiful pictures adorning the walls. The tea was excuisite and the array of cakes was breathtaking . The slices of cake were huge and warranted the price. All in all a heartwarming story behind the idea . Great work Loopys.
Quick update -Loopy Lornas has now re-located and is now solely at ;

The Church Hill Theatre
33a Morningside Road
EH10 4DR
Tel ; 0131 447 3042
Awaiting Re-Assessment instructions.

Baking with Melanie Andrews

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