Darlings Coffee Shop ( Last Assessed 2012)

DD11 1HN
TEL; 01241238375

Darlings Coffee Shop On a personal note, I really liked this place. Food was very good. Nice selection of home made cakes. It's ethos behind it that I like, taken shot of blurb which explains its an ENABLE project helping develop young people's skills. Monies raised in cafe is reinvested in creating opportunities for youngsters. Sure enough, cooks, waiters and counter assistants all young and competent. Obviously well trained and taking their responsibilities to heart. My smokie and bacon ramekin with salad and mini oatcakes was delicious as was the strawberry tart. Even the art work on display was for sale and proceeds to art group members who have learning difficulties. I bought one ... . This place is worthy of support.
Darlings coffee shop

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