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Fiona Browns Home baking can be sourced from most of the Farmers markets in the area but i found Fiona at the Loch Lomond shores farmers market that appears twice a month on a sunday. Fiona started her Homebaking business in 1983 and uses only fresh ingredients including free range eggs.All her baking is neatly and cleanly presented and is not badly priced for the quality recieved .My son towards the end of the day sampled the caramel shortcake and the carrot cake and both were exceptional Homebaking. With all the furore over homebaking bans this year by certain councils it was encouraging to see fionas certificates on display. Long live this type of baking as its what our country grew up on, but sadly a dying art today.

Fiona Brown has retained her Award and been issued the new Award period 2013/2014

Fiona BrownHomebaking,
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First of the new award date stickers 2013/2014 goes to Fiona Brown Homebaking.I caught up with Fiona again at the Loch Lomond shores farmers market today and am delighted to say she is still worthy of the SHBA.Well done again Fiona.

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