The Peat Inn

The Peat Inn near St Andrews is a first class accomodation provider and gastronomic delight.If you are lucky enough to stay overnight here the acommodation on arrival is layed out with a beautiful sample of Homebaking which is just a small taste of whats to come.The dining room is seperate from the acommodation and boasts an excellent wine list and superb menu.The food served here in an "Olde Worlde charm is worthy of a michelin star .I have never tasted food quite like it .Five cuts of a very underated meat "pork "and i have never tasted anything quite so special . The desserts are a treat and very parisian in detail and taste. I would certainly put this place on your to visit list.

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The Peat Inn,
Nr St Andrews
KY15 5LH
01334 840206

Baking with Melanie Andrews

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