Muddy Boots Farm

For me personally this was an exceptionally well run Farm/childrens activities/restuarant in Balmacolm. On entering you just know by the signage and activities for children and cleanliness in particular, that the food was going to be good - and i was right. You walk through a well stocked farm shop which is bright ,well signed and roomy with different crafts for sale also. The bathrooms were my joy as to eat in a place these must for me be spotless and they were again with even a kiddies bathroom which was a lovely touch.Onwards to the large and bright cafe area which housed a beautiful centre piece of a circular log fire .You have to walk past the excellent display of Homebaking to get to your seat which overlooks the play areas. The aroma and atmosphere of this place convinced us to stay for lunch as well. But the cakes - no ammount of talking here will convince you of the quality ,texture,and taste .Every single cake tester that was i was generously given was exceptional - exceptional really .The lemon sponge was the lightest i had ever tasted . Well done Muddy Boots Farm and keep up the high standard that you have acheived - Excellence!! Renewed 2013

Muddy Boots farm
KY15 7TJ
Tel; 01337 831 222

Baking with Melanie Andrews

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