Venachar Lochside ( Last Assessed 2012)

Venachar Lochside
Fk17 8HP
Tel ; 01877330011

Beautiful Sunday drive through Callander today and our first port of call was this Lochside location . An absolutely stunning view welcomes you to Venacher cafe. Run by Mark and partner Andrew a truly original experience is to be had.A great refreshing array of Homebaking all made on the premises by the self taught Mark . There was White Chocolate Ganache and Blueberry Tarts ,Huge Chocolate and Strawberry Cake, Homemade scones,Pistachio and Chocolate Muffins to name but a few . This place is licensed and open in the evenings and is well worth a drive for the menus on offer. The freshness of the baking and originality really stood out for me and the place had a young trendy feel to it ,but the LOCATION ...... You just have to see for yourselfs. Well done guys at Venacher

Baking with Melanie Andrews

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