Mountain Cafe Aviemore

It was a wild old weekend through central Scotland and North to destination Aviemore . The Mountain Cafe is no stranger to me as i had visited them a few years ago and they then went on to win the overall Cafe in Scotland category at The Scottish Baking awards 2014. So it was with a little trepidation that i returned today to see if the same consistancy and quality was still available , very rarely is anything you return to as good as you remember . I need not have feared one little bit. This Cafe is very busy - always,  and expect queing out the door , but for a good reason. The food here is cooked to order and is very good but i was here for the Baking. The Baking is quite simply the biggest display of every type of Cake , cookie , scone, traybake, cheesecake , Torte etc etc etc that you could wish for . But that does not mean because they have the biggest display that they should recieve one of our Awards , They recieved our Award again this year for the consistency and excellence in such a huge dispay of Baking.  Most places i visit have excellent Baking and are worthy of A Scottish Baking Award but to have such an enormous display of cakes all tasting as good as the next one is very hard to beat . For someone like myself that has an unrivalled passion for Cakes, Baking and eating them - its heaven . I absolutely adore This cafe and would love to be able to visit more often . I tried an inspired Blueberry and Chocolate Scone which was just brilliant and the Hummingbird Cake ( Which normally i am not a great fan of ) was absolutely excellent, pineapple chunks in a moist spiced sponge with light cream cheese frosting . A lovely Beetroot cake and mint slice just added to my already drooling expression. Mountain Cafe and all your lovely staff , long may you reign in this ever expanding world of Baking frenzy .