First of many School Bake-Offs for 2014

A fabulous and heart warming day at North East College Scotland today for the 1st in many Young student Bake-Offs . This was a class with a difference ! The students in this particular class have to overcome many challenges on a daily basis not least to attempt to enter into a Baking competition of our standards - but they did . This is all thanks to a dedicated and inspirational teacher by the name of David Paterson who inspires ,motivates and above all believes in his students.  We have picked 3 Finalists from Aberdeen College who will join our remaining 3 Finalists from each of our 6 entered Schools. So much is printed nowadays about the " Best " of this and the "Best " of that, but what about the ones that try and take part !! This is an inspirational class and a story we could all learn from. Glad to have experienced this 1st Bake-off today with 1st class students. In the words of one student today - Melanie its not about the winning ,but the taking part !!

Baking with Melanie Andrews

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