Scottish Baking Awards

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- Mountain Café Aviemore

Artisan Baking

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Scottish Baking Awards

Scottish Baking Awards 2014

Scottish Food Writer,Novelist and Masterchef winner- Sue Lawrence and Masterbaker Melanie Andrews

Scottish Baking Awards 2015


Consultancy with Melanie

Consultancy with Melenaie Andrews

About Melanie Andrews MBE


Baking with Melanie

Welcome to the only Awarding and Regulatory body for Artisan Bakers in Scotland .


This award system is the only one of its kind in scotland. There is not an Awarding body for Baking but many for Master Bakers. This scheme aims to award the outstanding Baking that exists in scotland and acts as a fantastic online guide to tourists and local people alike to the very best establishments that produce quality Baking.

There will be no bad reviews as only the establishments that are Awarded the SBA(Scottish Baking Award)will be featured, therefore acting as a genuine guide. These establishments will be issued with their Award which can be displayed in their premises, signfying good Baking. If you dont have an Award then you either have not been Assessed or failed to meet Assessment criteria. This scheme will cleverly create healthy competition within Scotlands Baking industry and improve the level of Baking for our customers. Many many places advertise baking today but how many can actually say its excellent. This is their aim -to achieve a higher standard within Scotland and to stand alone in the world for excellent Baking no matter where you go in Scotland.



New Ultimate Baking bible for 2015

The new baking Recipes book - " Baking with Melanie " is now published and available at . You will soon be able to buy this in ebook on this website and at and all online retailers including Amazon.

The great news is that The Scottish Baking Awards are creating for 2015 a third book-  " The Ultimate Baking Bible"

This book will heavily focus on all the Awardees in the last 5 years from The Scottish Baking Awards that have submitted recipes and will promote the premises /people themselves .

We are also requesting recipes from everybody else that has a great recipe and would like to promote it and themselves . All the recipes will be tried and tested by Melanie Andrews - Professional Chef/Masterbaker and Director of the Scottish Baking Awards.

If your recipe is sucessful it will be used for the book for a small charge of £40 (VAT included) .

We are aiming for at least 100 excellent and unique recipes to showcase the wealth of talent that we know exists here in Scotland .

The benefits to your business are massive , not only in the book once published but each recipe will be showcased on our Facebook,Twitter and social media each time we have a winner.

Where else can you get such inexpensive advertising for such a huge amount of publicity .

Come on whats keeping you , but be quick as we anticipate a huge response for this new book for 2015.

Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the contact page on this website to send your recipe and pictures if you have any . Please send in Word document attachment .

Hetties Bake 0ff

The great Hetties bake -off was a huge sucess in Pitlochry last weekend - you too can motivate your staff in the very same way - contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Scotland's Hotel Reviews

This week marks the start of our Epic journey across Scotland in search for the best Afternoon Tea from some of our Best Loved Hotels. For our Reviews to be Credible we believe no advance Notification should be given in most cases , no money should change hands in turn for a great review, no Membership needs to be applied for and our Professional Food Critic -Melanie Andrews will pay what you would pay . Our reviews will be genuine,honest ,professionally critiqued by a lady with over 40 years experience . Nowadays you have Awards for everything and all manner of people that you have never heard of Blogging or reviewing your hard earned business. Lets get back to giving honest reviews that stand for something . Keep checking here for our reviews . They are Credible folks !

Brand New Category - Hotels in Scotland

oyster inn connel

This year with the massive Success of the 2014 Scottish Baking Awards ,we are introducing another brand New Category to add to the 14 we already have. There has long been a gap in the market for Hotels in Scotland that produce an excellent Food and Drink menu to be able to follow on with a great Dessert/ High Tea/ Baking/ Patisserie . This part of the menu too often lets them down. We at the Scottish Baking Awards aim to highlight the Hotels in Scotland that are managing to achieve every course as good as the last . Melanie Andrews - Founder/Director of The Scottish Baking Awards ,  Professional Chef and Masterbaker will be carrying out each and every review . This website will be re-designed over the next week to focus on this great new category . If you would like prior knowledge to her visit please email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Baking with Melanie Andrews

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